Vegan Cheese Sauce
Recipe type: Sauce
Cuisine: American
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Serves: 4 cups
For all you mac and cheese lovers out there, who choose not to eat dairy, I have just the sauce for you. Come check this one out.
  1. Boil Carrots and Potatoes until fork tender.
  2. After the potatoes and carrots are soft, use a slotted spoon and spoon them into a high powered blender. I use the Vitamix. DO NOT THROW OUT THE WATER!
  3. Put all remaining ingredients into Vitamix.
  4. Blend until desired consistency.
You may have to add more potato water if the consistency is to thick.

It loses its meltiness in about 7 days, after that it just tastes like stale mashed potatoes.

Store in Fridge.

Reheats on the stove well. Depending on how old it is and the consistency you are looking for you may need to add a little more filtered water.

Fun fact- the reason I use the potato water is it has a lot of vitamins and minerals in it. Why not use them, right?

The link to the unfortified nutritional yeast- Currently I have not tried this brand or the unfortified version as of this posting. I recently figured out that common brands of nutritional yeast have Folic Acid in it. Again please be gentle with yourself, if you are currently eating box mac and cheese and you want to try regular nutritional yeast, go for it. I am all about whole foods and Folic Acid is a man-made substitute for Folate. I would strongly encourage anyone that wants to know more about the two, to do your research and see which version is best for you.

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